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April 3, 2023

Self-Sovereign Identity Saves your Time and Effort.

Self-Sovereign Identity streamlines how we interact in the digital world, saving time and effort in various aspects of our digital lives. By enabling secure, efficient, and user-friendly digital identity management, SSI can improve our online experiences. Let’s explore five examples of how SSI can save your precious time.

1. Government Services

Accessing government services often involves lengthy forms and submitting various documents for identity verification. SSI can simplify this process by allowing you to store your government-issued credentials, such as your ID card or passport, as verifiable credentials in a secure digital wallet. When accessing government services online, you can directly share the necessary credentials with the relevant authorities, bypassing cumbersome paperwork and verification processes. This results in a faster, more efficient way to access essential services.

2. Financial Services

Opening a bank account or applying for a loan often requires multiple steps, including identity verification and the submission of financial documents. With SSI, you can securely store your financial credentials, such as your credit history, income statements, or tax records.When interacting with financial institutions, you can share your relevant credentials directly, speeding up the verification process and reducing the need to submit physical documents. This saves time and enhances security by minimizing the risk of identity theft or fraud.

3. Travel and Hospitality

When traveling, you may need to provide your passport, driver’s license, or other documents at various checkpoints, such as hotels, car rental agencies, or airport security. With SSI, you can store these credentials in a digital wallet and share them with the relevant parties as needed.This simplifies the verification process, saving time and effort during your travels. Using SSI, you can also ensure that your sensitive personal information is securely shared and used only for its intended purpose.

4. Healthcare Records and Appointments

Managing your healthcare records and appointments can be time-consuming, especially when dealing with multiple healthcare providers or specialists. With SSI, you can securely store your medical records, such as allergy information or prescriptions, as verifiable credentials in a secure digital wallet.When visiting a new healthcare provider or specialist, you can share the relevant medical credentials directly, eliminating the need for manual record transfers or repetitive form-filling. This streamlined process saves patients’ and healthcare providers’ time, making healthcare management more efficient.Moreover, SSI can simplify booking appointments and verifying your identity at healthcare facilities. By sharing your verifiable credentials, such as your insurance information or demographic data, you can easily confirm your identity and eligibility for services without needing physical documents.

5. Job Applications

When applying for jobs, candidates often spend considerable time filling out applications, uploading resumes, and providing proof of qualifications or work experience. With SSI, you can create a digital portfolio containing your verifiable credentials, such as your educational qualifications and work references, issued by trusted authorities.
When applying for a job, you can share your relevant credentials directly with potential employers, eliminating the need for repetitive form-filling and document uploads. This streamlined process saves applicants’ and employers’ time, making the job application process more efficient. You can land your new job faster. Employers will be willing to pay more candidates with proven qualifications as it decreases the risk of hiring.

In conclusion, Self-Sovereign Identity can save your precious time by simplifying interactions across various domains, such as job applications, government services, financial services, and travel.

By empowering users to store and share their verifiable credentials securely, SSI streamlines the verification process and enhances security, leading to a more efficient and enjoyable digital experience.

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