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June 3, 2024

May Development Update: Empe Testnet, New Empe Verifiable Data Wallet & More

This past May has been incredibly productive for Empeiria. Following extensive R&D and valuable customer feedback, we are excited to announce significant enhancements to our End-to-End Verifiable Data Infrastructure (EVDI).

From the upcoming release of a new Empe Verifiable Data Wallet, a successful testnet launch, and a strategic shift in our app development framework, we are steadily moving toward our goal of enabling seamless adoption of decentralized data ecosystems. Read on to discover the details of our latest developments and what they mean for the future of data privacy, security, and interoperability.

Empe Testnet Status Update

As we progress on our quest toward unmatched data privacy and security, we take great care to develop a verifiable data infrastructure that is not only highly efficient but also robust and resilient.

To that goal, we have successfully wrapped up the first phase of our internal testnet, which we launched at the end of April. This test environment plays a fundamental role in evaluating the efficiency and resilience of our infrastructure, including our blockchain and validators.

Empe testnet primarily focuses on the DID (Decentralized Identifier) module. Our advanced DID document repository includes key rotation and updating documents from off-chain to on-chain. This allows us to start DID documents as off-chain entities and later migrate them on-chain, ensuring thorough testing of security, performance, and other critical aspects.

Here’s a list of the recently tested and implemented features, a tangible result of Empe testnet:

Key Rotation Solution Developed

We have successfully developed a key rotation solution. This enhances the security and integrity of our data infrastructure, ensuring seamless key management for our users.

DID Document Creation and Updating

We’ve implemented the creation and updating of DID documents. This allows for dynamic, verifiable identities that can evolve while maintaining accuracy and trustworthiness.

Off-chain to on-chain DID upgrade

The Empeiria DID method enables the creation of lightweight and free off-chain DIDs, which can subsequently be published to the blockchain for enhanced security and flexibility. Empe Blockchain ensures that only the controller of the off-chain DID can perform this operation, preventing identity theft.

DID Resolver Compatibility

The DID resolver is now fully compatible with the universal resolver. This further enhances interoperability and seamless integration across different systems.

See the Empe Testnet explorer in action

New Empe Verifiable Data Wallet

We are happy to announce the upcoming major release of our Empe Verifiable Data Wallet, rebuilt from the ground up using Empeiria’s own Verifiable Data SDK.

Empeiria’s Verifiable Data SDK is the foundation of EVDI and offers a comprehensive suite for managing digital identities (DIDs) and verifiable data (issuing, verifying, and storing data as W3C-compliant Verifiable Credentials).

The new Empe Verifiable Data Wallet marks a significant step forward in the future of data ownership. As an integral component of our highly efficient verifiable data infrastructure, it will play a crucial role in transforming digital interactions with cryptographic truth and decentralized trust.

Follow Empeiria on Twitter/X for more information on this upcoming release.

Multilanguage Support for Empe Verifiable Data Wallet

Our goal is to break down barriers in data verification and streamline the organizational adoption of decentralized data ecosystems. That’s why the new version of the Empe Verifiable Data Wallet will feature multilanguage support, allowing users to select their preferred language.

Multilanguage support offers several benefits, including improved global accessibility, enhanced user experience, and reduced friction. Moreover, offering services in the local language can be a legal requirement, and multilanguage support helps ensure compliance with these regulations.

Thanks to multilanguage support, Empe Verifiable Data Wallet can compete in international markets even more effectively, expanding our user base.

Empe Verifiable Data Wallet Now Uses React Native

You ask for it, and we deliver! Based on extensive customer feedback, we are transitioning the Empe Verifiable Data Wallet app from Flutter to React Native. Here’s why:

Reduced Context Switching

With React Native, our developers can seamlessly work across platforms, boosting productivity by minimizing language and environment switches.

Increased Development Efficiency

React Native’s tools and ecosystem streamline the development of our Verifiable Data infrastructure, slashing time and costs. Plus, hot reloading speeds up debugging and iteration.

Foundation for Future Web Expansion

By embracing React Native, Empeiria paves the way for web integration and future web3 use cases, enriching user experiences across devices.

All these updates set us on track toward seamless organizational adoption of Empeiria’s decentralized data ecosystems. As we steadily progress in the development of our End-to-End Verifiable Data Infrastructure (EVDI) we remain as passionate about empowering users with data ownership and ushering in a new era of Web3 utility as ever.

More updates and announcements coming soon! Follow Empeiria on Twitter/X, or LinkedIn so as not to miss them. For further information, contact Empeiria at [email protected].

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