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ἐμπειρίᾱ • (empeiríā) f (genitive ἐμπειρίᾱς)

Ancient Greek for the experience; mere experience or practice

Our open (web3) infrastructure platform helps to create a credible digital identity that unlocks monetizing insights & expertise while maintaining privacy & data ownership.

Our name reflects the ambition to bring the Athenian democracy principles into web3, embrace each individual's experience in the form of privately owned data and ensure complete inclusion across the society.

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Empeiria is the next-generation open (web3) infrastructure platform that is fully user-centric.

It solves the web2 problem of data ownership, privacy, and digital trust. With Empeiria the user is in the center with the benefits of data ownership, seamless connections, and new digital experiences.


Data is a holy grail and new gold, but individuals do not own their data in today's world

On average, user data is dispersed across 2000+ entities, with a few major players gathering, consolidating, and monetizing most of the users’ proprietary data. Those entities are trust brokers as they keep vast amounts of user data. Therefore, trust between various parties is challenging to establish in a direct relationship. Billions of individuals need to rely on intermediaries who ripe the benefits, making web2 inefficient.

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Data ownership is a fundamental human right

How will the world change if we give the power of data ownership back to individuals and enable them to share and establish trust in the new digital world?

There will be an entirely new level of efficiency. Millions of people could seamlessly access inexpensive financial services, easily participate in the global knowledge economy and increase their earnings. Furthermore, a new level of efficiency in B2C relationships could be established, and the rights of all parties could be secured. All this without intermediaries, which means that immense wealth increase could materialize for individuals and businesses based on naturally established trusted relationships. Such a world would be a better place for everybody.

Empeiria’s vision is to revolutionize how millions of individuals can own and use their data to access infinite possibilities in the new digital world.





Empeiria creates the (web3) infrastructure platform where web3 digital identity is the gateway into the future of work, financial services, and the metaverse.

A game-changing (web3) infrastructure platform that ensures real utility requires cross-functional collaboration. Empeiria is built by a unique mix of industry experts and deep technical talents with extensive experience in technology adoption. The team established the 12 guiding principles to ensure a revolutionary user-centric design:




Clarity &

Ownership &




User centric


& adoption

Make everybody

The future of self-sovereign identity is here. Our platform not only empowers you to own and control your data, but also opens doors to new opportunities and services. Harness the power of our next-gen technology to shape your personal, professional, and financial future. Join us, and let's redefine what's possible in this digital age, together.

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