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Create and manage seamlessly a credible Digital Identity

Empe Wallet is the next-generation multi-chain identity wallet that unlocks your potential in the digital age. Use a verifiable identity while retaining privacy and data ownership

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Download Empe Reference Wallet for the HR Use Case

Full Data Ownership

With Empe you are a sovereign entity. Every piece of data you add is yours and yours alone - no middlemen, no compromises, and no data monetization.

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Proof of Attendance Protocol (VC-POAP)

Prove your presence at events, meetings, or community engagement. It is about asserting who you are and what you have achieved and learned. Empe POAP is powered by Verifiable Credentials that address the shortcomings of NFTs.

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Cutting-Edge Security & Privacy

Advanced cryptographic protocols safeguard your data, ensuring peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

The Empe Reference Wallet adheres to W3C standards such as JWT and SD-JWT and employs protocols like OpenID for Verifiable Presentation (OIDC4VC), OpenID for Verifiable Presentation (OIDC4VP), and SIOPv2.

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