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End-to-End Verifiable Data
Infrastructure (EVDI)

Unlock the potential of verifiable data with Empeiria EVDI. Build easily deployable, innovative solutions, seamlessly bridging off-chain and on-chain worlds, empowering organizations to embrace Web3 technology.

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Trust Protocol

At the core of EVDI is Empeiria’s modular L1 blockchain. Built on Cosmos SDK and featuring Empeiria custom modules, it’s optimized for verifiable data and trust services, ensuring scalability, interoperability and data integrity.


Scalable Integration Framework

This critical middleware bridges our trust protocol with user-centric applications, providing an adaptable environment for seamless service integrations and third-party APIs.


Custom Solution Platform

Effortlessly build industry-specific applications by leveraging our comprehensive suite of SDKs and APIs. Create tailored solutions quickly and efficiently, even without coding expertise.

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Standards Compliance

EVDI follows W3C standards like DID, Verifiable Credential, Verifiable Presentation, JWT and SDJWT and utilizes protocols like OIDC4VC, OIDC4VP and SIOPv2

Public Testnet

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