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Empeiria aims to revolutionise the market by creating a secure and inclusive digital ecosystem that empowers individuals and organizations alike

Our goal is to reshape the landscape of work, financial inclusion, and the metaverse, enabling users to thrive in an ever-evolving digital world.

Meet Our Team

12+ people onboard

9+ avg years of experience

30000h+ invested into Empeiria

Marcin Parafianowicz
CEO & Founder
Hi, I’m Marcin, in the UAE since 2009. As a trusted advisor to various blockchain projects and startups, my expertise lies in identifying real-world use cases and accelerating their adoption. My passion for sharing knowledge transcends the digital sphere and takes the form of public speaking and soon, my upcoming book, 'Unlocking the Utility of Web3.
Digital Transformation
Software Innovation
Product Development
Collaborative Leadership
Jakub Kozłowski
Chief Technology Officer
Hi, I'm Jakub. 16 years in IT, I delivered over 50 software projects, gathering a 360-degree view of development. Now at Empeiria, I'm merging my tech skills with my fascination for psychology, all for one purpose: Empowering everyone with control over their digital identities.
Team Empowerment
Solution Architecture
Agile SW Development
Scientific Methods Application
Łukasz Parafianowicz
Chief Product Officer
Hi I’m Łukasz, I bring more than 13 years of experience in the technology business to the table. Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege to collaborate with heavyweights like Orange Polska, PwC, EY, and Microsoft. Leveraging Empeiria's interconnected skillscape, I continually align my capabilities with industry demands, ensuring that my goals and objectives always remain within reach.
Business Development
Software Innovation
Product Development
Collaborative Leadership
Antoni Myśliborski
Blockchain Architect
Hi, I'm Antoni. For the past 20 years, I've been creating innovative software solutions. Recently, I was the core blockchain developer at one of the leading blockchain projects - Injective Protocol. Now, I'm thrilled to apply my knowledge to Empeiria's innovative web3 platform. My mission? To help create a future where everyone can safely and securely control their own digital identities.
Innovative Systems Framework
Smart Contracts
Design Patterns
Łukasz Janowski
Backend Lead
Full-stack Developer
AWS Solution Developer
Mobile Developer
Natural Language Processing
Object-oriented Programming
Mikołaj Zdyb
Software Engineer
Query Languages
Debug Software
Object-oriented Programming
Software Integrations
Krzysztof Winnicki
Angular & NestJS Developer
Web Programming
Online Enablement
Synergistic Collaboration
Mentoring Indyviduals
Kinga Kołodziej
Frontend Developer
Web Programming
Synergistic Collaboration
Inclusive Colaboration
Object-oriented Programming
Patryk Kwieciński
UX/UI Designer
Web Design
Visual Identity
Comparative Prototyping
Maciek Klimowicz
Marketing Manager
Brand Communications
Project Management
Greg Gołaszewski
Creative Director
Creative Team Dynamics
Video Content
Visual Expertise
Digital Marketing
Andrew Sulimierski
Community Lead
Community Building
Community Management
Event Architecture
Paulina Janosh
Creative Designer
Creative Design
Graphic Arts
Brand Identity
Przemysław Garczarek
Gamification Consultant
Community Building
Project Management