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Empeiria uses blockchain, Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), and Zero-Knowledge Proofs to give individuals control over their data. We aim to create an open, user-centric ecosystem that ensures data is user-owned, safe, easily shareable, verifiably accurate & always up-to-date. Empeiria enables users to tokenize their social capital into a verifiable asset - Proof of Reputation- a foundation for decentralized, trustless architecture. We aim to improve digital interactions by reducing data exposure and enabling seamless transactions on various platforms. We aim to create a future where privacy, security, and convenience coexist, changing how we view and manage the next generation of digital identities.

Empeiria lets you store and manage your data securely in a digital wallet. You have the freedom to select the information you want to share and the parties you wish to share it with, retaining complete control over your data. We offer seamless data sharing with one-click login, saying goodbye to tedious forms. Furthermore, With Empeiria, you can obtain verifiable credentials (VC) that meet KYC/AML requirements while ensuring your sensitive data remains private. These credentials provide easy access to digital services that require KYC/AML. Verifiable credentials are not just digital copies of physical credentials. They also include essential information, such as proof of the issuer's authenticity and the credential's integrity. Additionally, metadata provides context to the verifier, explaining what the credential represents and how it should be used.

In the current beta version, you can:

Create the EMPE Wallet on your mobile device

  • Access the EMPE Portal. We recommend to set up the mobile non-custodial wallet.
  • After creating your basic profile. You can engage the Skill Accelerator to create focus around your skillset and build trust.
  • The AI-powered analytics for professional development and AI-resistant skills (AIRS) will provide you guidance in the age of automation.
  • This all will set you for the journey to build a next generation professional digital identity in a simple and friendly manner. At the same time, that you create focus and receive guidance around your skills, they will become Verifiable Credentials in the commercial release of the solution.
  • As you interact with the solution, you can start to build your Proof of Reputation today.

Proof of Reputation tokenizes user data into a verifiable asset, a foundation for decentralized, trustless architecture. It is a measurable form of online social capital that fosters trust & enables seamless interactions across digital ecosystems. Develop your profile, interact with others, gather badges and trophies for your achievements. In the early beta the Proof of Reputation is limited to its basic features.

Empe Wallet is a mobile application for iOS and Android devices that enables you to log safely into ecosystem of services and allows you to store your data privately in the form of verifiable credentials (VC). The wallet can aggregate and share VCs across web2 and web3 ecosystems. You can access various services by logging in with your Empe Wallet with one click.

Empeiria provides a trusted digital identity solution that allows you to easily compile, secure, and organize your personal, professional, and financial data, along with Verifiable Credentials (VC). This includes optional KYC & AML VC’s for an optimized user experience, improving privacy and speeding up connections to third-party services. Beyond that, we introduce the next level of engagement through our unique Proof of Attendance, powered by SSI, that validates and rewards your participation in diverse events. Empeiria also enables you to validate your skills, experiences, and qualifications, creating an on-chain Proof of Reputation that facilitates smooth interactions within the services ecosystem. Embrace the future of work and catalyze your career with our AI-powered analytics and AI Resistant skills development, enriched by trophies and badges to illustrate your achievements. Lastly, our Instant Connect feature allows you to share data with a single click, interacting seamlessly with multiple services while keeping your data secure and saying goodbye to tedious forms. All of these, compacted into Empeiria, amplify your digital experiences like never before.

Empeiria does not monetize any user data. You fully control and own your data. Your data is private and encrypted. You can easily share your data to access various services in web3 and web2. Empeiria Verifiable Credentials are W3C standard compliant and fully portable.

We use blockchain to store DIDs (decentralized identifiers) and proofs of reputation achievements for Empeiria users. Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) are a type of identifier for verifiable, "self-sovereign" digital identity. They are a crucial component of the Self-Sovereign Identity model, a user-centric and privacy-enhancing approach to digital identity.