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October 27, 2023

Empe Wallet Released at Gitex2023: Future Blockchain Summit

Exciting news from GITEX2023: Future Blockchain Summit!

Empeiria is proud to announce the successful release of our decentralized identity multi-chain Empe Wallet at GITEX2023: Future Blockchain Summit. Empe Wallet for seamless connection to services, data storage, and sharing with consent management. The end-to-end data journey ensures the data is verifiably accurate, always up-to-date, and easily sharable for the AI algorithms and access management. Empeiria has developed a proprietary skill-based Proof of Reputation, laying the foundation for skill-based organizational models and a web3 decentralized, trustless architecture. Our wallet app is available to download in AppStore and Google Play Store.

At Empeiria, we are at the forefront of the revolution from an app-centric world to a user-data-centric world. We leverage the power of Self-Sovereign Identity, Blockchain, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, and AI to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations for businesses worldwide.

Our mission is clear: to improve digital interactions by reducing data exposure and enabling seamless transactions across various platforms. We envision a future where privacy, security, and convenience coexist, transforming how we manage and share our data.

As part of our commitment to this vision, our team has created a unique Proof of Attendance Protocol using Verifiable Credential technology (VC POAP), marking a significant milestone in the world of blockchain and digital identity.

The future is in your hands. It’s time to take control and get your data back! Join us in changing the digital landscape and shaping a future where your data works for you.

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