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Refine and verify your data to build trusted Digital Identity


Empe Platform enables you to tokenize and own your data as a verifiable asset. It uses AI and facilitates Peer 2 Peer interactions to help you create a credible Digital Identity that makes you stand out from the crowd.

For a seamless experience, you need Empe Wallet to access the platform and store your credible digital identity based on Verifiable Credentials.

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Gather, verify and tokenize your data through

Empe Platform

Credible Digital Identity

Advanced Knowledge, insights, skills, work experience, and education are your most valuable assets. Use it to create a trusted digital identity for HR/EdTech, DeFi, and Social Finance

Verifiable Credentials

Create and verify reusable data, such as KYC, skills, or work experience, and convert it into verifiable data assets that are stored in your Empe Wallet

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Artificial Intelligence

Use AI to help you refine your professional path. Test your skills so that you can prove them. As a bonus understand how your skillset is future-proof

Proof of Reputation (PoR)

PoR tokenizes your credible identity into a verifiable asset that is a foundation for decentralized, trustless architecture. It is a measurable form of online social capital that fosters trust and enables seamless interactions across digital ecosystems

Access Empe Platform now to tokenize and own your data

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